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Range Rules

1. All firearms must be in a traveling case when entering and exiting the building. No exceptions.

2. Staple all targets halfway down the cardboard. Do not use the clips!

3. Muzzle direction is always down range towards your target.

4. Never have loaded firearms on benches. Action must be locked open with mags out.

5. When finished, clean off your shooting bench and stall. Sweep all brass forward and dispose of any garbage and recycling.

6. Damage done to property must be reported immediately to staff. Failure to do so will result in a ban from the range.

7. Holstering firearms is not allowed.

8. Do not change lanes without authorization from a staff member.

9. Friday evenings, Saturday and Sundays during public hours, members may be limited to 1 hour. 

10. There is a zero tolerance for drugs and or alcohol. You will be asked to leave immediately and this may result in a suspension or cancellation of your membership.

11. Targets must be set to a minimum of 5 yards.

12. .223 rem, 7.62 x 39mm and Pistol caliber rifles are the only rifle calibers authorized at this range.

Only dvc range members are permitted to bring their own firearms in these calibers. No other rifle calibers are permitted at this range.

13 The minimum age allowed is 10 years old. Requires parent or legal guardian authorization.

14. All customers including minors must have a valid government issued ID.

Given the nature of our indoor gun range we are not able to allow the following ammunition types

  • Center fire rifle cartridges (Ask staff for clarification)
  • Steel Shotgun ammunition
  • FMJ cartridges are permitted as long as they do not contain steel

Please contact our staff if you have any questions about the ammunition we provide on-site or ammunition you may be allowed to bring with you.

These rules are firm and for everyone’s safety and enjoyment.

Unit #201-1655 Broadway Street, Port Coquitlam, BC, V3C 2M7
Public Hours:
Tue 2pm – 9pm
Wed 2pm – 9pm
Thu 2pm – 9pm
Fri 2pm – 9pm
Sat 1pm – 8pm
Sun 12pm – 6pm
Members Only:
Mon 4pm – 9pm
Tue 2pm – 4pm
Wed 12pm – 2pm
Thu 12pm – 2pm
Fri 12pm – 2pm
Sat 10am – 1pm
Sun 9am – 12pm

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