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Members only hours are specifically for range members as well as law enforcement. Non-Members are not permitted during this time and must wait until the start of Public Hours.

Public Hours is the time for the general public to visit the range. DVC Range Members may also visit during these times. Depending on the type of range membership, you may be charged an admission fee.

PAL HOLDERS are invited to visit during public hours from Tuesday to Friday, but please note that space is limited during weekends and priority is given to our members and Range Officers overseeing public sessions. Therefore, we regret to inform you that we MAY not be able to accommodate all or any PAL/RPAL holders with their own firearms and ammunition on weekends. You are still welcome to utilize our firearms with a range officer.









Public Hours


2pm- 9pm

2pm – 9pm

2pm – 9pm

2pm – 9pm

1pm – 8pm

12pm – 6pm

Members Only

4pm – 9pm

2pm – 4pm

12pm – 2pm

12pm – 2pm

12pm – 2pm

10 am – 1pm

9 am – 12pm

Pre-fill your waiver ahead of time!

If you plan to come and do some shooting, please fill out the waiver in advance and skip this step when you arrive at the range.