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What People Say About Us

Went for the first time and had a fantastic experience. All the staff were incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and professional throughout the process, from check-in, gun selection, safety briefing, and instruction for each gun on the range, to check out.
Would highly recommend this place to anyone who has ever wanted to try shooting.

Cornell Chan

Cornell Chan

The Vancouver Sun.

This is the best range I have ever been to! The staff are friendly, very knowledgeable and will happily answer any questions you might have. The rental selection is great and prices are quite reasonable. The big thing of course is safety at the range and right in the door that presence is there in a welcoming way. My buddy liked it so much that he got a full membership on the way out the door. Give this place a shot and you’ll love the experience!

Aleksander Amer

Aleksander Amer

All the staff here are amazingly nice and friendly! They will help you with anything you need or if you are a beginner. DVC has a great selection of guns for everyone. The range has heat and AC so a great bonus along with ears and eyes protection.

Sarah Nguyen

Sarah Nguyen

I have never shot a handgun before. DVC is an amazing experience. The team at DVC were very helpful and allowed me to shoot at my own comfort level.
What an adrenaline rush!
I will definitely come again and recommend DVC for amateurs and the experienced.

Tammy Gillis

Tammy Gillis

Northern Lion Gold Corp.

DVC Indoor Shooting Centre

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Stay up to date & Know when the big things are happening!