Gun Range Prices


Daily admission for general public $30.00

Non-members are invited to use the facility by paying the above noted, daily admission fee. The fee includes the gun(s), mandatory insurance, safety gear, introductory lesson, and a Range Officer to supervise and assist you during your visit. There are additional costs for ammunition and targets.

* MUST BE 19 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER* unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

**Must bring valid government issued id!

Daily admission for law enforcement and military $20.00

(Must have badge OR valid ID card. Not applicable to Cadet Instructor Cadre (CIC), Cadet Organizations Administration and Training Service (COATS), or Navy League of Canada.)

Interested in a yearly membership package?

Visit our Gun Range Membership page for more information.

Ammunition Prices


All range firearms must use ammo purchased from DVC VENTURES INC. (Ammunition prices subject to market changes and availability)


9 MM 50 Bullets $39.00
40 S&W 50 Bullets $41.00
45 ACP 50 Bullets $50.00
50 AE 1 Bullets $8.00
22 LR 50 Bullets $17.00
50 AE 5 Bullets $30.00
38 Special 25 Bullets $25.00
357 Magnum 25 Bullets $30.00
44 Magnum 25 Bullets $40.00
454 Casull 1 Bullets $8.00
454 Casull 5 Bullets $30.00
460/500 S&W 1 Bullets $8.00
460/500 S&W 5 Bullets $30.00
Birdshot 25 Rounds $20.00
Buckshot 5 Rounds $12.00
Slugs 5 Rounds $15.00
20 .223 $32.00
20 7.62 x 39 $32.00
45-70 1 Bullet **can mix and match with the 500, 50AE, etc $8.00
All Targets $2.00


We welcome everyone to shoot at our facility.

Everyone attending must pay the daily admission fee or hold a valid membership with us.

prices at the gun range

**All Prices Below Include taxes**

We accept: Cash, Debit, American Express, Mastercard, Visa

We do take reservations for groups of 10 or more. Including, but not limited to stags, stagettes, birthdays, businesses and corporate events. A deposit is required to confirm bookings. Please contact us for more information.

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