Gun Range Instructor Bios

firearms instructor Kelly Abram

Kelly Abram

Kelly has been in the retail firearms industry since the early 1990s and has been an avid shooter since his childhood.

He fulfilled his lifelong dream when he built and opened the DVC indoor shooting and training facility.

Today Kelly, along with his partners and staff, works to ensure the success and growth of the facility.

Some Achievements

  • 2004 3rd overall production division BC provincial
  • 2001 match winner standard division Alberta provincial championship
  • 2011 1st place master standard division BC provincial championship
  • 9th overall 2011 standard division
  • 2010 6th overall standard division Canadian national championship
  • 2014 match winner standard division BC provincials
  • 2014 standard division first overall in province
  • He won the IPSC BC Provincial Championship in August 2014, ranking as number 1 now in BC.



DVC firearms instructor: Bruce Howard

Bruce Howard

Bruce started his shooting career at a young age, informal target shooting with his father.

In the early sixties he joined the West Van Gun Club where he started competing in sporting rifle events. After a few years he became a member at Pacific Shooters Assn., competing in handgun and rifle competitions. He also shot in the BC Summer Games for three years, winning a bronze medal in 1983 for handgun.

Bruce started IPSC about 1986 and received Grand Master status in 2007. In 1998 he became a PAL Instructor until 2004. He then worked part-time at Castle Armoury, Hunter’s Sporting Goods and also became an onset armourer for Dead Man’s Gun TV Series working through Smoking Gun FX.

He is an avid handloader of handgun and rifle cartridges as well as shotgun black powder. Bruce has been working part-time at DVC Indoor Shooting Range as a Range Officer and informal shooting instructor for the members and staff.


WEsley Yen: Firearms Instructor at DVC

Wesley Yen

Wes has been involved with shooting sports for over 20 years and has been with DVC Ventures for over 6 years now. As his career within the industry grew so did his passion for firearms.

Wes is a Use of Force Firearms Instructor and Handgun Retention Instructor as certified by the Justice Institute of British Columbia.

He has a combined 10 years experience in surveillance and investigations with FBIG and Lodge and Associates.

In addition he has served as an edged weapons instructor with Common Sense Self Defense/Street Combat, Inc.

He enjoys teaching and emphasizing the fundamentals to both new and experienced shooters. On a day of practice on the range you’ll find Wes with his Glock working on trigger control and sight alignment.