" Hi Kelly!
Just wanted to thank you for the excellent course, relaxed atmosphere and the amazing advice. I really felt that I could trust you – both in the class and with private questions. Thank you!
I’ll be back to your range and will certainly recommend your courses to anyone who is interested in learning.!"




Non-Restricted & Restricted

This is the course you are required to take in order to apply for your firearm licence “PAL”. Upon passing this course you are able to apply for your “PAL” licence.

This course is usually held a minimum of twice per month.

In order to help you prepare for this course, we have provided the following download links to the current CFSC/CRFSC manuals. 

Student Guide:

Download the PAL Student Guide here


The Two-day PAL Course is offered on Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.

Instructed by:

Clint Milburn or Kelly Abram



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Registration Process

Please call us to register for an upcoming PAL course. 604-941-6933

All classes must be paid for prior to the class starting. Thank you for being interested in taking a course with us. You will be hearing from us shortly.


Instructor Bios

clint milburn, firearms instructor at DVC

Clint Milburn

Clint has been heavily involved with the shooting sports since the age of 13, which is let’s just say greater than 25 years.

As a shooting instructor he teaches advanced IPSC courses and general shooting skills to many people. As a IPSC Grand Master class shooter with an IPSC Canadian National Title, countless Provincial & USPSA titles, and more match wins than he can count, Clint has proven that some who teach, can also do!

He currently holds the following positions in the Canadian Firearms community:
  • Section Coordinator International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC)
  • BC Section President of the National Range Officers Institute (NROI) of Canada
  • President of Thompson Mountain Sportsman’s Association
  • Sought after consultant on anything Firearms or Shooting range related.

Today, Clint can be found travelling the world to compete in IPSC matches wherever they may be.

firearms instructor Kelly Abram

Kelly Abram

Kelly has been in the retail firearms industry since the early 1990s and has been an avid shooter since his childhood.

He fulfilled his lifelong dream when he built and opened the DVC indoor shooting and training facility.

Today Kelly, along with his partners and staff, works to ensure the success and growth of the facility.

Some Achievements

  • 2004 3rd overall production division BC provincial
  • 2001 match winner standard division Alberta provincial championship
  • 2011 1st place master standard division BC provincial championship
  • 9th overall 2011 standard division
  • 2010 6th overall standard division Canadian national championship
  • 2014 match winner standard division BC provincials
  • 2014 standard division first overall in province
  • He won the IPSC BC Provincial Championship in August 2014, ranking as number 1 now in BC.